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Carbon fiber is still used on the watch, but only a bit. For a while the watches were going a bit carbon fiber crazy. Now, there are only a few little pieces tastefully tucked into the sides of the lugs. Something cool to notice when looking at the watch from an angle or the side, but isn't in your face all the time (the way most carbon fiber treatments on watches should be). The watch has two dial options. A black dial, and one in silver tone with orange hour indicators and hands. I actually prefer the latter. The orange isn't at all over powering and looks really sexy against the silvery, textured dial. Texture is a modified sunburst pattern with a clean looking center. The deep set face is part of the rugged look of the entire watch, and there is a meaningful sloped chapter ring that has useful hour indicators on it. You could argue that the hands might benefit from being a bit larger, but they are fine as they are. Branding is kept to a minimum on the dial, and the large '"12" at noon/midnight reminds you that this is a sport watch. It is also balanced out by the subsidiary seconds dial.

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IWC, The Plastiki, And A Limited Edition Adventure Ecology Ingenieur Watch Watch Releases

Each watch has an interesting and often clean looking dial. The hands on each are quite easy to read as well, often due to high contrast. Without hour markers not all of the watches are a breeze to read, but these are more art type watches that serve to tell the time - and they look pretty cool while doing so. Liking the Volnatomic collection doesn't come naturally to everyone. Fans of the designs like the watches the say way you like a tattoo. You either just want one or you don't. It is sometimes hard to explain why. Yvan has a way of making things that look simple, but no one else has done it. While his creations don't emanate "complexity" they aren't obvious either.

You'll notice the large "23" in the subsidiary seconds dial on the watch in black and white. This was the car's number in the race (seen on the hood). The chronograph subdials are in red against the bold black face. Porsche Design knows that the best hands for legibility are white on black... so they haven't messed with this formula. As a racing chronograph watch, it does have a tachymeter scale, but one that is pleasantly understated around the periphery of the dial. Up a bit from that is a minute and hour scale.

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In the included video you can wait through most of it or skip ahead near the end when they discuss and show some rather funtastic special effects of the TimeWriter 1 Metamorphosis watch. You not only get a good idea of how it works, but of how complex it is. They put all this effort into the video and it isn't even in English - the bastards. The TimeWriter watches will be a growing collection from Montblanc magical workshop in Villeret. The plan is to give the young and eager watch makers the ability to make crazy things. As such, the names of the two gentlemen who made this watch are on the dial. They are Johnny Girardin and Franck Orny. They needed to make their creation in Montblanc form, so you see the reverse teardrop style case that other Montblanc Villeret branded watches arrived in.

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It's a nice looking watch, and I like that they didn't enlarge it. 40mm is a perfect size for a versatile dress/sport watch design like this, and 12mm thick will slide under most shirt cuffs.

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Europeans will understand one of the imagery plays on the dial, though it will need to be explained to others. Many of the pieces have a skull and cross bones image on the dial, along with a little picture of a man running and an arrow. This latter image is the European international symbol for "Exit." Thus, the idea is to communicate that if and when there is an atomic disaster (or personal disaster), you are in danger and should run. It is tantamount to wearing some type of "WARNING" label on your wrist. According to Arpa, it is like wearing something that is symbolic for "forbidden" on your wrist - that you carry around with you.

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The Malton 160 Round watches are each 42mm wide in steel. Marvin also says that the watches are available in PVD rose gold.  The size feels very appropriate for the design, and the watches are comfortable. The case design is well done - giving the watches a classic feel... with something a little bit more. The signature classic Marvin watch company engraving on the side of the case returns, but is placed in a more central position on the side of the case. The watches have sapphire crystals, and exhibition casebacks for the mechanical models. Dials are available in black or "grained opaline." Both look good, but I think I like black better for most of them. Each it connected to a black leather strap.

Technical specs from Maurice Lacroix:

The watch also has an orange GMT hand (which would likely be confused for an hour hand but people who don't get the watch). I like that it has a GMT hand, but am irritated that the hands doesn't have a 24 hour scale, just a 12 hour scale? Is that right, or am I utterly missing something? The module that makes all this happen, also provides for a GMT quick set system. There are pushers on the left side of the case that operate to move the GMT hand forward or backward in one hour increments. To up the value proposition of the watch, Louis Vuitton makes the module in-house at their watch maker workshop in La Chaux de Fonds, in Switzerland.

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While still at the mission in the arctic Xue received a strange call from Linde Werdelin about her Oktopus watch and that she was needed to attend a meeting at the LW HQs is Copenhagen. The LW employee assured her that she shouldn’t be worried about the reason behind the meeting. On the contrary, she implied that Xuë's spell of beginner's luck at the roulette had just started. “You won't believe how lucky you really were when you ordered this Oktopus watch, Miss Cheng.” “If you say so” Cheng Xuë had replied somewhat skeptically, before ending the conversation. The two women had agreed to meet in two weeks, in Copenhagen upon Xue's return.

In fact, Christiaan van der Klaauw (CVDK) pretty much only makes "astronomical watches." The Planetarium has the smallest such complication in the world on the dial. Even before clocks existed, there were astrological devices meant to track the heavens. The watch movement is a heavily modified ETA 2824 with a hell of a module on it. Aside from the time, the watch has an annual calendar with the month and the date, as well as a planetarium that shows the relative placement of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn around the sun. What? No Uranus? I would have totally given a small shout out to Pluto as well... you know, for old times' sake.

Storm chose to not make the Caspa a chronograph. Instead using the subdials for calendar dials (date and date), as well as synchronized 24 hour hand (for indicating AM/PM). Interestingly enough, there are two large openings on the side of the case that have a clear crystal installed. Does this mean Storm initially intended the watch to be a chronograph? That a chronograph version is coming? Or perhaps it is just a coincidence based on the "skeletonized side" design of the watch.

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IWC was obviously on my radar before the results of that poll, but it was a fascinating look into the perception of (mostly American) luxury blog readers. One of your fellow readers recently commented on an IWC related article that IWC watches are well-made, nicely designed, but over-priced. A quick response via another fellow reader indicated a wise observation. If a brand is doing well, selling its products, and experiencing high demand, the amount it asks for its products isn’t too high — especially if it is getting that amount. That sort of halted the topic, and I thought it was a good message about the luxury industry overall. Luxury goods are easy to attack. It is easy to complain about price, image, and snobbiness. What is more impressive is when luxury brands are defended. Such conduct shows that the price, image, and possible snobbiness don’t actually result in bad sentiment - in that particular case. I’m making a general statement about the luxury industry and many different types of products, but in the context of IWC, it interesting to see fans ‘ring in’ to communicate their own personal high-view of the brand and what they sell.

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While I had a few minor complaints about the La Primera GMT watch that I discussed above, overall for a new brand, the watch is really polished. The case is solid, the dial is easy to read, and the wearing experience is good. I would not go so far as to call the design "exciting," it is rather a more sober timepiece with the heart of an instrument. In the end, the La Primera GMT and other Essex watches are timepieces made by the owner of the company, for the owner of the company. This ensures that each piece has enough passion, and should appeal to those who can easily identify with the demeanor of the brand. Don't miss other pieces from the brand such as their standard La Primera Classic models and chronograph versions. Essex has asked that I not display pricing information any longer. Please consult with them for current watch prices. You can get it, and other Essex watches direct from their website here.

Oris Williams F1 Team Day Date Watch For 2010

Oris Williams F1 Team Day Date Watch For 2010

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JCB illustrates to me with his hands rooms that are to be filled with machinery and watch maker benches. He couldn’t be more excited about the expansion. Even today, there are workers in the building slowly making arrangements and preparing for everything to be installed. Don’t be confused though, Hublot is already a manufacture, it just doesn’t produce as much as it soon will. Hublot already makes and assembles many of its complex tourbillion watches in-house from scratch (just like mom used to make), and assembles, finishes, and tests their entire collection here. Hublot has the budget to buy some of the best machines, and it is exciting to see Hublot watches in various states of assembly. Despite the myth of the brand and its contemporary demeanor, Hublot timepieces share much with other high-end timepieces in how they are produced, finished, and assembled.