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Hublot now honors him with a watch. See a video that Hublot made presenting the watch to him here. Actually, Hublot has a dual reason for making this watch. The piece is also in honor of Brazil - a country Hublot has been keen to keep popularity high with. And why Brazil now? Well the FIFA World Cup for 2014 is coming to Brasilia, Brazil and Hublot also happens to have a relationship the kings of soccer.

Power reserve                                      Approximately 120 hours (5 days)
Oscillator (made in-house)                    Balance with adjustment inertia-blocks


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Most of these watches were released between about 1999 and 2003 - but not at the same time. Made by GSX, the pieces were known to be pretty high-quality and attempted to capture the intense militaristic feel of the games. As such, these are all styled on professional or military watches - and so do pretty well. Many of them are done in honor of specific characters in the game. So the idea was that if you wanted to dress up as that character (which is rather common in cos play loving Japan), you'd have the right watch. You could also pretend to be walking around stalking zombies when talking on the streets.

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It does look like a rather minimalist design with a stark dial, no numerals, and two contrasting colors. At the same time it has full markers for all the hours and minutes, applied hour indicators, and an angled flange ring for added legibility. These features aren't typically found in most minimalist design watches. The result is a dial that is not only deep looking, but one that is also very easy to read. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal.

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At 40mm wide, this is about as small a watch as you'd want to go to - though the proportions don't make the Column Wheel Chronograph feel small. First of all, the case is on the thicker side (which is typical of a chronograph) and the bezel is thin. On the wrist it looks well-sized and demure. Not too small, or too large. A sensible watch, like a good pair of black slacks.

On the three-hand Perpetual Calendar watch the dial is nice and easy to read, even though it does have a sort of engraved sunburst pattern dial. Legibility is ensured through large lume-coated hands and applied hour markers. Both watches have light-powered Eco-Drive movements. The three-hand model with caliber E764 has the time, and perpetual calendar with only the date displayed. This means while you only see the date, you don't need to set the date - pretty much ever.

Back on the rear of the watch you get a totally different feeling. While the "exposed" parts of the watch on the surface are clean and minimalist, the underbelly of the case and rubber strap are more interesting. There is a sort of "star map" texture that is interesting. Don't miss the little figure from Space Invaders on the back of the case. Can you find it?

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For a long time, what the Antikythera machine was, who made it, and how it worked were unclear. Much of that is still unclear. As there are no other machines like it, historians still don't fully understand who it was built by - though it is clear to have been made by the ancient Greek people. The device was made in bronze, and other machines of clock-work origin have also been referenced to in texts from the same era - though none quite like, or as complicated as the Antikythera. Plus, no other ones were ever actually discovered to my understanding. After being studied and now a bit more understood, the Antikythera machine is referred to as the oldest calculator in human history. We've had math nerds in existence for that long it seems (probably longer).

Step it up a bit for the diamond version of the watch -  one of the most tasteful diamond watches for people who don't like diamond watches. For the L.U.C XPS Diamonds Chopard uses baguette-cut stones for the hour markers and around the bezel. It is a watch with the good taste of a minimalist design with the higher-status look of diamonds without all the gaudiness.

According to Konstantin Chaykin, the manually wound mechanical movement is entirely in-house made and designed. There is more Wootz metal on the movement. For fun, the back of the half-moon or says "The dark side of the moon." I do like that the watch isn't too thick, and the protruding moon phase bulges out on the top, but not the bottom. Overall the Konstantin Chaykin Lunokhod is a very interesting watch from an equally interesting independent Russian watch maker and brand.

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Ril is kind enough to include two straps to complete your retro fantasy. There is a "racing stripe" NATO G10 strap and a metal bracelet. The NATO strap is pretty straight forward, nothing more to say on that. The watch looks nice as paired to it. The metal bracelet isn't bad actually I like that it tapers and uses screwed-in links. It also has a diver's extension (which is totally silly because given the low water resistance you shouldn't dive with this watch), with a double safety clasp like that a Submariner from a few generations ago.  The weakness there is in the deployment clasp. It uses a folded, rather than milled steel, which has it feeling a bit tinny and thin. It also has a few too many sharp angles on it. Though when you are wearing the watch - these aren't a bother.

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Perrelet has just announced a few limited edition erotic watches based on the original Turbine. These are done in a Japanese anime style, which is often referred to as "hentai" when it deals with pornographic or erotic art. This cartoon erotic art is quite popular and has origins going back to the 19th century or earlier. Using the spinning turbine concept on the dial, the images are placed on the dial and only really visible when the turbine (activated by wrist movement) is spinning quickly.

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This is the Armida A2, and I like it quite a lot. Let me explain why I think this is one watch that is worthy of your consideration.

The name Decalogue is actually another term for the Ten Commandments - which obviously has religious significance in Judaism as well as other religions. Hebrew is based on Aramaic, and on the dial of the watch you'll see Aramaic characters in addition to the Hebrew hour indicators. The piece also has the Star of David placed on it in three separate places. First as the subsidiary seconds dial, and then on the crown as well as engraved on the mainspring barrel on the movement. While the watch is clearly meant to be as an item of Judaica, it does not present itself as such in a cheesy way (well the Star of David seconds hand is debatable on that point). Actually, there is a version of the Decalogue watch called the Decalogue Rega that does not have the subsidiary seconds dial.

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Still, Maurice Lacroix is not solely a brand that uses other people's movements. In 2006 they released their own in-house made movement, and have been continually working on the concept ever since. Entire collections of Maurice Lacroix watches are made using in-house made movements that use a lot of in-house made parts. Being a true manufacture helps to boost the brand's image and offers their most serious fans some very attractive products. In comparison to many manufacture's I've been to, there was a calm sensibility within the modern walls of the manufacture with watch makers who seemed friendly and talkative. A fun fact that Maurice Lacroix will likely not appreciate me sharing with you is that right behind the manufacture is a traditional Swiss cemetery - and accompanying view. If you see a tombstone style case or hands on an future watch... you'll know why.

On the wrist the UR-110 takes some getting used to. It doesn't look like any watch case I've ever put on before. I jokingly described the design as a"mutated ninja star" (which apparently only makes sense in my head). Think of a modified Urwerk UR-103 watch case with wings. I guess that makes sense... torpedoes fly under water right? If you have a giant wrist the Torpedo will probably sit well, though for me the wings stick out like the watch is trying to gain altitude. The "coined edge" around the side of the organic looking case is nice, and the detailing is of course on par with a high-end timepiece.

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To honor the winners of the 5th Annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, here is the list:

  • Director Chris Weitz, “A Better Life”
  • Producer Agustin Almodovar, “The Skin I Live In”
  • Screenwriter Yasmina Reza, “Carnage”
  • Production Designer Mark Ricker, “The Help”
  • Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, "The Tree of Life"
  • Film Editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, “Super 8”
  • Costume Designer Janie Bryant, “Mad Men”
  • Property Master Russell Bobbitt, “Cowboys & Aliens”
  • Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Farrar, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”
  • Stunt Choreographer Vic Armstrong, Lifetime Achievement Award