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Not too many brands got me really excited, but of course I have spoiled tastes. Of course some impressed me, but they mostly impressed me for what they offered at the price. The amount of mechanical watch movement makers in China was interesting - and their quality is much better now compared to what it was just a few years ago. US and European watch lovers would be absolutely shocked at the legions of brands they've never heard of. What impressed me was not one specific design or watch, but rather what the brands are capable of. The prestige of the tourbillon is no longer a Swiss treat. Chinese tourbillons are highly available combined with other exotic complications in both traditional and modern form. The Chinese offer true mechanical watch making at prices reserved for captains versus kings. Someone is also always there to remind you that custom projects are encouraged. The Chinese manufacturing spirit is legendary, and anyone with enough creativity and a modest budget can have their dream watches made. Unlike the mostly closed market of the Europeans which only exist for insiders, the Chinese market encourages people with ideas to enter and use local services.Though your ideas will be fair game for everyone else if you play.

For me, the best part of the Spitfire watches are the beautiful applied hour indicators and hands. The indicators are applied and filled with very white lume for excellent clarity and legibility. Against the metallic dial it makes for a superb look that is hard to complain about. Even with all its functions, the large 46mm wide Spitfire Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month is clean looking and easy to read. You won't be blamed for falling in love with this watch.

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STANDARD ACCESSORIES: - Handmade 5mm thick black calf leather strap with black stitching and H2O CNC buckle
- Italian rubber strap
- 2x Hex screw driver
- H2O custom watch box
- Warranty card

One watch he pointed out to me was a gold-toned Invicta. He didn't know much about it aside from the fact that it was a gift. He proudly wore it enjoying its large size and loud-style that complimented his own unique fashion sense. On the other wrist was a watch constructed from a mix of steel and wood parts. Few watch lovers are brave enough to "double wrist it," yet fashion bravery is nothing new or unwelcome to Flavor Flav.

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The case shape is mostly the same but sized up to 45mm wide. The bezel is slightly different (new red arrow), but retains the nice sapphire crystal ring around the SuperLumiNova coated numerals all over. The dial is the same that we love with some red text. According to Bremont, the piece is the same but just larger and with more water resistance. Inside the watch is the same Bremont modified and COSC Chronometer certified base ETA 2836 automatic movement. On the wrist the new size is welcome, but it doesn't take away from my appreciation of the Supermarine 500 that I still love. In a few months we will get more details on the final piece with all the models and pricing.

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The lume-filled hands are large and easy to see. They are clearly aviator inspired, but not direct analogs of what you see all the time. It is true that they could be a bit longer, but there are weight issues that SISU needed to contend with given the size of the dial. There is a sporty hint of red as part of the second hand's counterweight. The overall proportions of the dial feel good and the design is unique, but at the same time very approachable. SISU offers a few dial variants for the Guardian. In addition to the silvered dial, there is a black dial, and one with a floating double indicator layer called the Eclipse (A3 model).

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In this article on watch case materials, we have decided to write about ceramics. Ceramics are possibly the least understood of the materials used in watches. Many watchmakers are nowadays using ceramics for their watch cases – which gained popularity with Rado. Now Chanel, Hublot, Omega, IWC, and many others produce watches with ceramic cases in full or in part.


Zegna has now moved from an extremely niche collection of high-end, gold-cased dress watches to those competing with the larger world of sport watches. Two watches will be available at debut, the High Performance Sea Diver and High Performance Chronograph.

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It is hard to begin a review of a watch like this. There is just so much to say, and I don't know where to begin. So many elements of the watch and its history merit discussion - and I can't cover it all. I'll do my best, and am very excited to present to you a hands-on review of a very special watch.

The Opus 3 - One of the most eccentric of the Opus collaborations, the Opus 3 is the brain child of Vianney Halter and features six porthole displays. Each of the displays relies on its own jumping indicator to show the hour in the top left and right windows (blue), minutes in lower left and right (black), and date in the vertical center displays (red). Limited to 55 units in platinum or rose gold, the Opus 3 featured a massively complex hand wound movement and an exceedingly unique aesthetic that was a considerable departure from the previous Opus models. This rose gold example did quite well at auction, surpassing the ,000 - 0,000 estimates with a final price of 3,448 (lot 4877). This is actually quite good as the Opus 3 became a bit of a legend as it took 7 years to finally deliver the watches (in 2011).

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Dietrich Snow Watch Hands-On

Dietrich Snow Watch Hands-On

Details? TimeCrafters 2012 will be from September 14-15 (10am - 8pm) at the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue) in New York City.

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

Position 1: Setting date and moon phase

New versions of the Reflex watch have LED lights that dance around before displaying the time. The system makes things like that possible. Reflex wants using the watch to be, as much as possible, a mini spectacle. You better have that to show off if you are donning a bright color snap bracelet with lights on it and you are an adult. Almost to the point of being silly, these watches are still fun. If they were less expensive they would be perfect gifts for people at a party so that everyone could wear one.

If you are in need of any additional proof that Kickstarter is a great place to fund the development of a new watch, look no further than the Touch Time project from California based Phosphor Watches. Phosphor is well-known for their innovative digital watches which often feature E Ink (e-Ink) displays and have a sense of eye-catching charm. On August 6th, 2012 Donald Brewer and the team at Phosphor launched a Kickstarter project for their newest design, dubbed "Touch Time". Within 24 hours they had reached their ,000 goal and, as of the time of posting, they have over 1000 backers and well over 5,000 in funding. Perhaps this is not surprising given the success of other watch projects such as the Pebble. Nevertheless it is further evidence that the Kickstarter crowd really loves watches.

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The meet-up will start at about 6pm. Enjoy some beer, nosh, and watch talk, and horological interludes with Ariel Adams and John Biggs. All those planning on attending are invited to comment below so we can add you to the headcount. See you there.

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch

Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch

Band: Stainless steel with black hard coating

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